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Google AdSense prin Western Union

Adica pui o bifa acolo cum ca vrei sa iei banii prin Western Union, te duci la agentul WU si ii ridici.
Si din pacate la mine nu se aplica smecheria, pentru ca diferenta dintre Cristi si Cristian nu e acceptata de catre toti agentii Western, ci doar la cec.
Dar poate unora dintre voi v-am facut ziua mai frumoasa.
Btw stie cineva cum schimb payee information la AdSense, in sensul de nume ca adresa vad ca se poate schimba.


3 thoughts on “Google AdSense prin Western Union

  1. tre’ sa le scri celor de la adsense:
    Western Union Quick Cash payments may be picked up at your local Western Union agent. In order to pick up your payment, you will need a government issued ID that exactly matches the payee name below. Should you need to update your name, please contact us.

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