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The Google Game

ultima distractie pe net este google game. regulile sunt simple: te duci pe google si scrii “adrian likes to”. intre ghilimele. (bineinteles ca fiecare tre sa-si scrie numele propriu si personal). apoi dai pe blog primele 10 rezultate.

Primita de la Adrian. Rezulta 10 rezultate:
1.like to drink vodka (cristiroman?!?! de ce te cheama ma asa … si de ce apari in cautarile mele, si de ce beai vodca ca mine? Sau ma rog … )
likes to travel, run, spend time with family and friends, and eat McDonald’s.
likes to save money.
likes to torture her sisters dog in her spare time.
likes to shake that.
likes to ride a bike.
likes to shoot.
likes to think.
likes to eat whole grain bread every nigth.
Rezultatele 19 din 9 pentru “cristi likes to”. (0,12 secunde)  LOL

Tagul merge mai departe la Greger, Andressa si … mai ziceti pe cineva … ah da … Z  

7 thoughts on “The Google Game

  1. Z likes to… “Your search did not match any documents”.
    Oh well, shit happens!

    De la mine:
    Z likes to exercise the right to free speech.

    BTW, piticule, când te văd pe la KFC, te filmez. Am eu un sentiment aşa că nu-mi vei sparge mobilul 😉

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