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Recomandari de la Google

Adica Google stie atat de multe incat sa recomande niste bloguri, in google reader?

Si intrebarea a doua e de ce recomanda alea si nu pe mine spre exemplu? Sau pe altcineva.


Cristi Dorombach

Cristi Dorombach, problogger la piticu.ro, dcristi.ro scrie despre internet, online, social, politic, filme, muzica, viata de zi cu zi pe blog.

4 thoughts on “Recomandari de la Google

  1. Your recommendations take into account the feeds you’re already subscribed to, as well as information from your Web History profile, including your location. Aggregated across many users, this information can indicate which feeds are popular among people with similar interests.

    This process is completely automated and anonymous; your information is not shared with anyone.

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