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Joburi haioase

Din ciclul joburi haioase, sa vedem aici unul dintre ele. Trebuie sa punem mare atentie pe cerintele jobului.

Descrierea postului:

Our company is a global leader in beer drinking with many participations in most prestigious world beer contests.
We’re looking for people who likes beer, football and parties.
The perfect candidate must:
1. be able to drink at least 10 liters of beer each day
2. be a Beer Certified Professional or held a related college degree
3. be able to provide at least 2 references from bars, pubs or clubs
4. be able to name at least 20 major brands of beer in less then 20 seconds
5 be able to carry 10 liters of beer to the 2nd floor in less then 20 seconds
6. be able to dance specially on tables
7. be able to say “Dude, where is my beer?” in at least 5 foreign languages
8. have a medical certificate showing that the psychical condition to cope with above mentioned working environment
Please send CV to ro-office@absoluteitsolutions.com and a picture with you drinking your favorite beer.

PS: Must know Visual Studio.NET

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  1. Oarecum ceva asemanator :

    Our client, a leading IT Consultancy is looking for a passionate Penetration Tester. The candidate should have a quirky hairstyle, preferably with a pony tail and a dress sense to match. He/she should be a hard drinking insomniac, who writes their best code between 3 and 4 in the morning. The candidate must know at least one witty anecdote involving hex with Assembly as a second language. The candidate must have zero social skills and more people should know them by their handle than their real name. The candidate must have felt the exhilaration in gaining root and would be required to demonstrate their “root dance” at interview. Unfortunately they may also be required to occasionally wear a tie!

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