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Fuck him, then dump him

It’s easy to control him. Also you can call him every minute and ask him where he is what’s doing out there, and ask when you’ll see him again.

Sometimes it’s good just to be lovely and friendly. Just to show him that you`re not the master, and after that you’ll kill him by reproaching any mistake. If he loves you, he’ll be desperate to please you. If he’s not … just fuck him, have sex with him, and after that dump him, just to make him feel responsible for you. You can also have some crisis to make the things more nasty. You can scream or you can cry. He would be mad and crazy, but it will be ok.
Tell him that he’s not so good in bed that he was, and ask him about some sexual problems. He shall feel awfully.

Then it’s just poetry.

If he’s not good, there`s always someone else.

Dedicated to someone 😉


Cristi Dorombach

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