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Asculti Radio21? Hai la Lady Gaga!


Asculti Radio21? Atunci trimite un SMS la 1721 sau intra aici pe net si completeaza formularul. Asculta Radio21, afla care este piesa Gaga a fiecarei ore si raspunde corect la intrebare. Sigur ai sansa sa vi impreuna cu mine, cu Andreea Stan si cu matinalii de la Radio21, Anca Macopedia, Dinculescu, Orlando si Andi la Sofia. Sa fi primul care o vede pe Lady Gaga in Europa, inaintea romanilor, inaintea tuturor.



Si daca nu castigi la acest concurs, stai linstit, cu internet in roaming voi acoperi cat pot de mult concertul. Veti vedea poze si tot ce face Lady Gaga acolo, la Sofia. Asta ca sa aflati inaintea tuturor ce va face Lady Gaga in Romania. Dar totusi ar fi bine si sa veniti cu noi. Asa ca, trimite un sms sau intra pe site.


Cristi Dorombach

Cristi Dorombach, problogger la piticu.ro, dcristi.ro scrie despre internet, online, social, politic, filme, muzica, viata de zi cu zi pe blog.

2 thoughts on “Asculti Radio21? Hai la Lady Gaga!

  1. I think this would be great! Although, as most Tarantino rumors go, pralobby nothing will come of this.Gaga is a very talented artist, and gets brushed off as cookie-cutter crap by people who don’t take the time to notice there is a lot more going on under the surface.Why would you think Tarantino would have to be drunk to make a decision like this?I’ve read that he and Gaga have formed a friendship. He even loaned her the Pussy Wagon for her latest music video, which has a cool Tarantino-esque vibe at some points.

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